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Dr. ShaunAnne Tangney
Associate Professor of English
Minot State University
Humanities Division
500 University Ave. W.
Minot, ND  58707
Office: 701-858-3180
Fax: 701-858-3894

Dr. ShaunAnne Tangney was born and grew up in California in the 1960s and 1970s.  That was a golden time in public education, and she grew up loving school and learning.  It was also hippie days and times and she grew up without a television, no doubt a major contributing factor to her literally life-long love of words and books and reading.  She earned three college degrees in English, and wrote a dissertation on apocalyptic American literature.  She has an abiding interest in the literature of the American West, and has made significant contributions to the scholarship of Robinson Jeffers and Kate Braverman.  She has nurtured a scholarly interest in Great Plain Literature since coming to Minot State University (in 1997).  Her work is driven by place studies, cultural studies, and by feminism.  She is also a poet, and her work has been published in the United States, Great Brittan, and Australia.  To learn more about Dr. Tangney, please click on the links below.

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Studies in Community and Environment

“An ethical life is one that is mindful, mannerly, and has style.  Of all moral failings and flaws of character, the worst is stinginess of thought, which includes meanness in all its forms.”  —Gary Snyder